Every organization needs a purpose--a reason for existing. Simply stated, the Southern California Cougar Club & Mercurys' primary purpose is to preserve classic Cougars and Mercurys so that we and future generations may continue to enjoy these fine automobiles.

The ways in which we preserve and enjoy classic Cougars and Mercurys, however, are as diverse as the personalities of our members. For some, preservation means restoring a car to its showroom condition, and then presenting the results of that restoration at club shows.

For other members of the SCCC&M, preservation means maintaining their Cougar or Mercury as a daily driver or weekend cruiser so they may experience the styling, comfort and performance of their cars on a regular basis. And then there are those who see their Cougars and Mercurys as blank canvasses on which to create their own interpretation of classic styling and muscle car performance.

Regardless of our differences in the definitions of preservation and enjoyment, our members share a common bond in their appreciation of these historically significant automobiles. That bond makes inself felt in many ways, including sharing the technical information that makes it possible to keep our cars running smoothly and looking great.

Finally, there is one more reason for the existence of the SCCC&M: The camaraderie enjoyed by our members. While we may gather for the stated purposes of preserving and enjoying our cars, there is also enjoyment in sharing friendships and good will. Plus, we are a family-oriented club, so our events are designed to be comfortable environments for spouses, children and the rest of the family.