Welcome to the Southern California Cougar Club & Mercurys' new web site!

I asked Steve Eitzen to design a web site for us that would capture both the flavor of southern California and the enthusiasm our club has for classic Cougars and Mercurys. When he showed me his plan for meeting those goals, I told him to go for it. The result is awesome!

Most of you will remember Steve as the Publisher of The Classic Cougar Network web site, as well as the designer of other west coast Cougar club sites. Thanks, Steve, for another great web site!

As you have probably noticed by now, we have also changed the name of our club. For some time I've felt that the owners of other Mercurys ought to have a local club in southern California that represents their interests. With that idea in mind, we expanded the size and scope of our club by opening our doors to all classic Mercurys. The response from Mercury owners has been great!

For those who are new to the Southern California Cougar Club & Mercurys, we are a family-oriented club of friendly enthusiasts bound together by our common interests in enjoying and preserving great classic cars. We invite you to browse our new web site and attend one of our meetings or events to find our what we're all about. Then we hope you'll join us for a classic car experience you'll find both beneficial and a lot of fun. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Sourthern California Cougar Club & Mercurys